All The Best Songs of Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana, USA, August 29, 1958 – died in Los Angeles, California, United States, June 25, 2009 at the age of 50 years. Michael Jackson is a singer and songwriter from the United States. He is famous as the “King of Pop” and popularized the dance movement “Moonwalk” which has become his trademark. The album released in 1982, Thriller, is the world’s best-selling album, with sales exceeding 104 million copies worldwide. He began his singing career at the age of five as a member of the Jackson family vocal group (later became the Jackson 5) before launching his first solo album “Got to Be There” in 1971. As the seventh child of the Jackson family, he debuted in professional music on age 11 as a member of Jackson 5.

Michael Jackson’s popularity in playing music began to rise while airing on MTV, including “Beat It,” “Billie Jean,” and “Thriller” is considered to have turned the video clip into a form of artwork and as a promotional tool to popularize a tv channel

Jackson popularized a number of dance techniques such as robots and moonwalk. Jackson’s voice and vocal style influenced and was followed by many hip hop, pop and R & B singers.

The awards he has achieved include Guinness World Records, including the thriller as the world’s best selling album with sales of over 104 million copies worldwide.

All the best songs of Michael Jackson

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