The Rolling Stones Songs – The Rolling Stones is an English rock band that became famous since the 1960s, still famous until now. If likened, The Rolling Stones is a stone that until now still rolling, either until when.

The Rolling Stones Formed in London, January 1963. But the origins of The Rolling Stone have been around since 1962 with an early formation consisting of Mick Jagger (Vocals, Harmonics), Keith Richards (Lead Guitar, Harmonica), Brian Jones (Rhytm Guitar , Harmonica), Mick Avory (Drums) and Dick Taylor (Bass). Later the drummer Mick Avory eventually joined The Kinks dbp Ray davies, and Dick Taylor founded his own band The Pretty Things.

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The band with this quintet formation was founded by Brian Jones (born in Cheltenham, England, February 28, 1942). Brian Jones left Cheltenham and went to London to create a band. Before founding The Rolling Stones, Brian had joined the band Cheltone Six (As clarinet player) and The Ramrods. When in London, Brian meets with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, who in the end they all form a band called Little Blue & The Blue Boys.

At the start of the Rolling Stones formation are Mick Jagger (vocals), Keith Richards (guitar), Brian Jones (multi instrumentalist), Bill Wyman (bass), Charlie Watts (drums) and lastly Ian Stewards (keyboard) with a teen idol (at that time) there was another source that stated the band group with 6 members, his personnel would be more difficult to be recognized one by one by fans than the band with 4 or 5 members, eventually coming out respectfully from the music group’s formation and then becoming tour manager and keyboard player of this group in 1963 until his death in 1985.

Jones was considered the band’s lead during Jagger and Richards creating songs that would later become the group’s hit songs. Until 1969 Jones’s role was further reduced even he could not tour the United States for legal reasons, he withdrew with respect from the band. A few weeks later Jones was found dead drowned. Guitarist Mick Taylor changed his position to join the Rolling Stones and resigned in 1974, then replaced by Ronnie Wood. Bill Wyman resigned in 1992, replacing Darryl Jones but not in full band formation.

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